FLAIR a selection of Poems by Brian Stone

This is a collection of 44 poems written by Brian over a period of 24 years. They cover the subjects of F – Friends, L – Loves, A – Adventures, I – Influences and R – Relations.

Brian has many styles of writing and many influences. He was born in Leicester in 1955 into a working class family and grew up on a large council estate. He received a good state education with plenty of encouragement to explore his creativity.  Brian and his sister, Niki, were encouraged to read and explore their world by their father Patrick and mother Doris.

In 1990, as a mature student and father of 3, Brian received a Bachelors Degree in English from Leicester University and is currently working on his PhD in American Studies. He has to date been published in small presses and anthologies 18 times.


Song (for a.m.s.)

gone are the days we remember

the golden importunate days

when in the hollow light

of innocence we played

where our unruly fantasies

were soft and genderless

the graying tongues of men

unsyllabled our waking thoughts

but we could never hide

the babble and contumacy

that shared affection gives

to friend and lover both

memories are contraband

we smuggle when we can

our stolen joys were tried old friend

they are the also-ran

the present invalidates…………so when

accross the miles we hail and cheer

remembering old feuds old songs

though grafted onto separate lives

we became ghosts of what we were

among the hirsute hours

and tumble down the golden days

importunate again






to meet once after years

and part like this

seems a futile atonement

my dear friend


it was however the same face

that greeted me

translucent ….pale

eyes mellow green

the e-mails and the letters

all put by


i recollect

you were kinda diffident

from boy to man

a gaucheness

fostered by

a latent capability


there were salad days

when we would envisage

unguessed times

and seasons

of tranquil maturity


your own sex

you found partial

to that rare beauty

that distinguishes between

conscripted touch

and idealized love


the unchaperoned truth

lay hidden

in many days unknown to me


in a diverted life

i neither knew

nor shared


when the news came

it was an unfamiliar jolt

of betrayal

a partners voice

sounds plaintive

and haunted

in his own isolation


your senses

are now aborted

to somewhere

we can never reach



it is not dark

this death

to suddenly go out

with no life breath

vitality and warmth


no matter what

harsh trivialities ensue

there is indeed

no largesse of living

that could say

any other


you remain

another token

of unresolved

                                                                                                                                (2003)                                                         __________________________________________

   eulogy for pip


what subtle pleasures crave

and what lay beneath the span

of every insolent moment

we shall probably remember

it was wired and good

when life was lived “on the edge”

bombastic and unquiet


at uncle harrys

we were paladins of inordinate excess

discarded spikes……..a stale odor

of roaches in the room

complete with the reproach

of littered cans bottles clothes

female cunt and puke


o it was garrulous that time

fucked as all we were

and stoned

no need to mention

those pure slabs of sound

we half-listened to

the boogie measured out

in the unassuming pace

and elegance of drabness


all this left very little

to be said

especially when

the generous day

percolated thru the curtains


blinkered lites then saw you

step up to the bar

suave clean-shaven

dapper and pin-striped

and moving in the glossolalia of

music and voices

an acquired personal radiance

somewhat unclarified

and distantly urbane


not so the later fetid breath

and boozy

telling me in stammering accents

of artwork

of contour color shape and line

the archetypal piss-artist

explaining all his love

and ultimate mission


transferred to angel gateway

and that particular song

made cracked and hesitantly harmonized

you crouching rheumy-eyed

and me unscathed insouciant

and tho in willing cadences

the performance bemired

the casual redeployment

of past association


cancer the encroaching end

of your hopes and failings

that derisive emptiness

felt soon after a death

seethed over the crowded streets and pubs

a mythic memory condemned

by the concernless present


and that last bash

provocative with bikers


and bibulous hangers-on

was a just celebration

of your future life and passing

as are these friendly lines


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