Song (for a.m.s.)

F – Friends

Song (for a.m.s.)

gone are the days we remember

the golden importunate days

when in the hollow light

of innocence we played

where our unruly fantasies

were soft and genderless

the graying tongues of men

unsyllabled our waking thoughts

but we could never hide

the babble and contumacy

that shared affection gives

to friend and lover both

memories are contraband

we smuggle when we can

our stolen joys were tried old friend

they are the also-ran

the present invalidates…………so when

accross the miles we hail and cheer

remembering old feuds old songs

though grafted onto separate lives

we became ghosts of what we were

among the hirsute hours

and tumble down the golden days

importunate again

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